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概要:小学英语北师大版1—5年级词汇分类统计表◆ Questions疑问词: what什么、who谁、whose谁的、where在哪里、 which哪一个、 why为什么、when什么时候、 how怎样、how old多大、how many多少、how much多少钱、what class哪个班、 what grade哪个年级、 what row哪排、what colour什么颜色、what day星期几◆Persons人称: I我, you你 , he他, she她 , it它, we我们, they他们, my我的 , your你的;你们的, his他的, her她的, its它的 , our我们的, their 他们◆Be动词:am 、is、are was were◆有:has、have、there is(are) has got have got◆Colors颜色: blue蓝、yellow黄、red红、green绿、brown棕、purple紫、orange橙、pinx粉、black黑white白 gray灰◆Animals动物: animal bi



  ◆ Questions疑问词: what什么、who谁、whose谁的、where在哪里、 which哪一个、 why为什么、

  when什么时候、 how怎样、

  how old多大、how many多少、how much多少钱、what class哪个班、 what grade哪个年级、 what row哪排、what colour什么颜色、what day星期几

  ◆Persons人称: I我, you你 , he他, she她 , it它, we我们, they他们, my我的 , your你的;你们的, his他的, her她的, its它的 , our我们的, their 他们

  ◆Be动词:am 、is、are was were

  ◆有:has、have、there is(are) has got have got

  ◆Colors颜色: blue蓝、yellow黄、red红、green绿、brown棕、purple紫、orange橙、pinx粉、black黑

  white白 gray灰

  ◆Animals动物: animal bird、 cat dog、duck、 fish、 horse、monkey、 panda、sheep、tiger pig fish ant、frog mouse、 lion、 rabbit、、 fox goat、 snake、 cow、 bear、、bee、giraffe、 turtle、 butterfly、 deer、 zebra、 whale.、 rat、 rooster、 shark、 kangaroo、 crocodile、 elephant

  ◆Numbers数字:基数词: one、 two、 three、 four、 five、 six、 seven、 eight、 nine、 ten、 eleven、 twelve、thirteen、 fourteen、fifteen、sixteen、 seventeen、 eighteen、nineteen、 twenty、 thirty、 forty、 fifty、 sixty、 seventy、 eighty、 ninety、 forty-five、one hundred

  序数词: first、 second、 third、 fourth、 fifth、 sixth, seventh、eighth、 ninth、tenth

  ◆Clothes服装: clothes coat、 ap dress、 pants shirt、 T-shirt、 sweater、 socks、 shoes、shorts jacket、 skirt、 jeans、vest、 trousers、 hat、

  ◆Food and drink饮食: cake、 chicken、 candy egg、 food ice cream juice milk、 noodles rice、 soup、 tea、 water、 bar、 corn cookies French fries、honey、 hamburger、 hot dog、 jam、 pizza、 pie、sandwich、salad、

  ◆Fruit水果: apple、 banana, juice pear、 peach orange watermelon、 lemon、 pineapple、grape、strawberry、cherry

  ◆Family members家庭成员: grandfather、grandmother、father、mother、brother、sister、aunt、uncle、friend parents、 cousin、 dad(daddy) daughter、son、

  ◆Actions动作: am/ is—was 、are—were ask begin bring(brought) buy call clean climb close come (came ) cook cry dance do ( did ) draw ( drew ) drink ( drank ) eat find( found ) fly ( flew ) get ( got ) give ( gave ) go ( went ) feel ( felt ) hurt know ( knew ) look love let like listen live help hear ( heard ) have ( had ) hurt make (made ) meet (met ) open please play put read rain ride (rode ) run(ran) study sit (sat) sing(sang) say(said) sleep(slept) speak(spoke) snow stand stop study swim ( swam ) talk tell (told) take(took) travel try turn think(thought) use visit work write worry wear (wore) walk want watch wash wait spend (spent) show litter、 happen leave ( left) touch move keep ( kept ) welcome、 cough learn ( learnt ) stay knock、 hurt lose ( lost ) pass catch、carry、skate teach( taught) collect paint sell(sold) close hit--hit 、 sit—sat

  ◆Subjects科目: subject Chinese、math、music、P.E.、English、art、science

  ◆Places and rooms地点与房间: place bed house、 classroom bedroom、 home house kitchen room school museum hospital park、 shop library toilet、supermarket、cinema lake farm playground river bathroom washroom、living room study theater、 train station、 bus stop、 post office、 police station、 swimming pool、 bank、 town、 zoo、 fire station、、amusement park、 restaurant、 playground、store、office、gate、road、flower、building

  ◆School things学校物品: blackboard chair computer desk、 pen、 pencil、 bag、 book eraser、 ruler、 map sharpener、 ink、 page、

  ◆Weather天气:weather fine、sunny、cloudy、rainy、snowy、windy、cloud、rain、snow、wind、hot 、cold、 warm 、cool、storm

  ◆Forbidden禁止: Don’t walk.、Don’t litter.、Don’t run.、Don’t touch.、 No swimming.、 No parking.、No food.、No smoking.、No cameras.、 No bikes.、

  ◆Body身体: eye,ear,head,hand,heart,hair,nose,mouth,arm,leg,foot,face stomach tongue chest shoulder finger

  ◆Vegetables蔬菜: vegetable potato、tomato、 eggplant、carrot、cabbage、bean、onion、cucumber、mushroom、


  ◆Adjectives形容词: bad beautiful big busy cheap cold clever dear difficult dirty easy every far fast great favorite good healthy knd hungry happy hot heavy high ill interesting long left little many new near nice next old right、 sad slow strong short thin tall warm wonderful wrong young fat funny、 fun large strong、 kind、 thirsty、 smart、 quiet、 sweet、 sour、 fresh、 height 、 weight、 afraid、 sick、 hungry、 cheap expensive、 large、 medium、 early、 hurry、 broken、 hurt、better、best

  short—shorter—shortest、long—longer—longest、small—smaller—smallest、big—bigger—biggest、tall—taller—tallest、old—older—oldest、young—younger—youngest 、fat—fatter—fattest

  ◆ 星期:Monday、Tuesday、Wednesday、 Thursday、Friday、Saturday、Sunday、

  ◆ 时间:day、week、month、year、date weekend、night、last night、often now always、usually、never、January、February、March、April、May、June、July、August、September、October、November、December、birthday、holiday、a.m、p.m

  ◆ morning、afternoon、evening sometimes yesterday、today、tomorrow、now、

  ◆ 四季:season、spring、summer、autumn、 winter、

  ◆ 三餐:breakfast、 lunch、dinner

  ◆space太空: sky、air 、sun、 moon、 star earth、mars、、planet、spaceship、 space suit 、 astronaut、

  ◆Toys玩具: balloon、 doll、 gift、 teddy bear、toy train、robot

  ◆Furniture家具: bed、table、chair、radio、 fan sofa、 television light

  ◆Balls球类: football、basketball、baseball、volleyball、tennis

  ◆Transportation交通工具: bike、 bus、 boat car、 plane、 ship taxi、 train、 jeep、 boat、 van

  ◆Other things其他东西: book boy box city class clock child (children) door、 e-mail exercise flower friend floor girl grass game holiday kite time woman money people sport story picture party photo pupil week weekend word man (men) minute student toy tree street month wall window CD、kite、key、lock、magazine、newspaper、comic、watch、umbrella、 purse、、violin、waterfall、x-ray、queen、、net、nest、cent、ticket、picture、ladder、fire、、hammer、camera、 glasses

  ◆Countries国家: China. American、 Britain、 Canada、 Japan. England.

  ◆Profession职业: doctor、driver、farmer、nurse、singer、teacher、student、worker、policeman、 vet、 dancer、

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